I am not going to say — we were caught off-guard at the last minute, but during preparation for soak testing, one of our applications became unresponsive for no apparent reason. After a short investigation, we found that a single AWS RDS instance had run out of space. At first glance, we had no idea why 🤭!

Luckily the impacted environment was only used for testing and had limited access from the outside world. …

Was the internet more fun in the ’00s? I remember it as a place full of Information-dense forums, flash animations, and blinking texts. Everyone was hacking web pages in “tables” with HTML. WordPress was not even a thing until 2003. We used CGI scripts to bring some life to the web, but they were not widely adopted and tricky to maintain. Creating dynamic services was definitely “not-for-mortals”. Because of it, the internet was mostly a static place, granting the same experience for everyone.

Static pages are back in the game now! Seeing the IT market going back to solutions from…

I’ve been this week on a Google Cloud Onboard- an introduction to solutions available in Google Cloud Platform. I was there looking for inspirations and motivation to make a next step in a cloud adoption (as we’re currently migrating our monolith from Heroku PaaS to microservice architecture on the cloud).

I was always hoping that there’s more in the cloud than just pure computing power/storage. If it wasn’t the case- we’ll see everyone launching their own data centers. Turns out, with proper scale you see problems that others can’t. Solutions for those problems were inspiration I was looking for.

1. Atomic clocks and GPS


“How to run a rails console” and other common questions

After spending another day of work in one of our projects trying to fix local dependency issues, we’ve decided to finally move our Ruby on Rails app over to Docker. The process was almost no-brainer but we needed to fill gaps between our previous workflow and the new one. Following article presents docker ways of performing most common tasks when working on Ruby on Rails application.

Application setup

We’ve followed instructions from https://semaphoreci.com/community/tutorials/dockerizing-a-ruby-on-rails-application for Docker setup and ended up with following docker-compose.yml file:


It has one subtle difference- DB_* environment variables are defined inside docker-compose.yml instead of .env file as .env…

You can also make your Pull Requests fun to work with

Every development process gets out of hand when there’s a time pressure, and to be honest, it is not that uncommon for time pressure to be there ;) If I’d have to do a list of steps sacrificed for speed I think it’d look like this:

“How to speed up development 101”

  1. Documentation? Nah…
  2. Tests? We catch up at some point
  3. Code review? Ain’t nobody got time for that

Automation of a Github code review process with Pronto and Circle CI

As your team grows you start noticing subtle differences with the way your team members write and format code. For smaller teams it’s not a big issue but imagine team with dozens of developers, each one of them organizes and formats code differently. After a while app is a mess. Sounds disturbing? I should have mentioned every one of them has different experience and standards for what’s “good enough”.

You may find yourself very often writing the same Pull Request comments just to keep codebase consistent and up to date with chosen style guide. How many of “use guard clause”

Is my website secure? You bet it is! I’m using HTTPS… Hang on, there’s more?

Most of the time we’re thinking about web security in terms of backend development, leaving the frontend with HTTPS and nothing more. Having a secured channel is a must have these days, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that we think off when it comes to securing our application on the users’ end.

Krzysztof Szromek

CTO @ Exlabs, AWS Certified Solutions Architect

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